Window Tinting

When it comes to window tinting, Davenport Customs is the team to choose. Since opening our doors, we’ve set ourselves apart as the leading local window tint specialist. Our high-durability finishes not only add a touch of class and privacy to your vehicle, but also help protect your windows from debris. For stylish, seamless window tints, look no further.

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Best-in-Class Window Tints

We carry a range of window tints, all defined by quality and durability. With an assortment of tints from trusted brand-name manufacturers, you can bet your vehicle will look its best with maximum protection against the sun. Enjoy a cooler, sleeker ride, and get the best window tints available.

We offer window tints in a variety of colors, opacities, and designs, making us the ideal choice no matter your needs. Whether you want to tint your side windows, the top of your windshield, or both, we have you covered.

With our services, you can expect:

  • Brand-name aftermarket window tints
  • Fast installation times
  • Personalized tinting options
  • Competitive rates
  • Extended product and workmanship warranties
  • Complete satisfaction guaranteed

Aftermarket Window Tints

Installed with Flawless Precision and Accuracy

Why choose Davenport Customs to install your window tints?

We combine years of experience with the highest standards for our work. We work with diligence, patience, and tireless care to ensure your window tints are installed with 100% precision and accuracy. Measure twice, cut once may just be a saying for some. But for us, it’s our creed.

Our technicians are thoroughly trained to deliver seamless, flawless results every time. With us, you don’t just have a professional team of window tinters. You have the best team in the business.

High-Protection Window Tints

Our window tints don’t just enhance the overall look of your car. They also protect it from harmful radiation—and from thieves. Our window tints boast strong UV-blocking properties, preventing the sun’s rays from fading your car’s upholstery, from causing sunburns, and from heating your interior to uncomfortable temperatures. With optimal visible light transmission (VLT) values, our window tints can also deter thefts by preventing thieves from peering inside. Protect your vehicle—and your privacy—with our one-of-a-kind window tinting services.

Benefits of our window tints include:

  • Protects upholstery from UV rays
  • Blocks sunlight
  • Reduces solar heating
  • Protects against shattering glass
  • Deters theft
  • Increases privacy and security

For Local Window Tinting, Choose Davenport Customs

For all your window tinting needs, we’re here to help. Add a touch of class and style to your vehicle, and keep your interior cool and comfortable all summer long. Protect your upholstery from UV rays, and stop leering eyes from peering into your vehicle. Whatever your reason for choosing to tint your windows, you can rest assured that we are your top choice for a high-quality, professional window tint.

Contact us to schedule your no-obligation consultation, and get a quote today. We can’t wait to get started—and neither should you.